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(Collagen Induction Therapy)

Microneedling (aka DermaPen, Skin Pen, CIT pen) is a revolutionary procedure for a variety of skin texture issues. Acne scarring, large pores, stretch marks, fine lines and skin laxity can all benefit greatly from Microneedling. After your skin is numbed thoroughly, tiny needles create a controlled injury to the surface of the skin, triggering a healing response which promotes collagen production. The result is noticeably smoother and healthier skin.


Although you will see results after one treatment, it is recommended to have three treatments approximately one month apart for maximum benefits. For severe acne scarring, more treatments may be necessary.

Treatment packages are available when multiple areas are treated (i.e. face/neck/chest). Please call or text 817-719-8852 for more pricing info.

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