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Permanent Makeup 

-Important Information

Are you a good candidate?


Permanent Makeup is appropriate for a wide variety of skin types. However, some people are not good candidates due to certain contraindications. People with the following conditions are NOT good candidates:

-history of keloid scarring above the neck

-use of Accutane within the past year

-skin disease or injury in the treatment area

-poor wound healing

-use of blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or fish oil within a week of treatment

-currently undergoing chemotherapy

-hemophilia, uncontrolled diabetes, or certain auto-immune disorders

- currently pregnant or breastfeeding

-currently taking antibiotics 




- for eyeliner procedures, you MUST remove any false lashes/lash extensions one week prior to your appointment.

- for eyeliner procedures, you MUST discontinue lash growth serums for 2-4 weeks before your appointment

- for all procedures, discontinue blood thinners such as Advil, ibuprofen, Motrin, aspirin, fish oil and vitamin E with your doctor's approval.

- for lip procedures, if you are prone to cold sores/fever blisters, you MUST pre-treat for 3 days before and 7 days after the procedure with medication obtained from your doctor.

-for lip procedures, if you have dark pigmentation on your lips, please send a clear photo of your lips for approval before booking.


What to expect during the healing process:

- your new eyeliner or lips will appear darker and sharper initially, lasting for a few days

- your eye or lip area may experience noticeable swelling for a few days

- your lips or eyes may be dry or itchy for a few days

-around day 3-4, flaking/peeling will begin (do NOT pick!)

- your lips or liner may appear too light once peeling has finished, but don't worry! The color will resurface with time

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