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A Word About Bargain Shopping...

Ever so often, we get the question, “Why is Microblading/Microshading so expensive?”

There’s no quick and simple answer to that question, so I'd like to clarify what goes into a proper microblading procedure and why bargain-shopping for an artist is kind of a terrible idea. I love lists, so let’s start with a couple of good ones.

Things that you definitely should bargain-shop for:


-paper towels

-pest control

-concert tickets

Things that you should NOT bargain-shop for:

-plastic surgery (or ANY surgery, for that matter)

-laser procedures

-cosmetic tattoos

-invasive or meticulous skin treatments

Do you notice a pattern here? All of the items in the first list are things that are replaceable, low-risk, or temporary. The items in the second list are very different. To put it simply, you should never bargain shop for anything that is permanent, or anything that involves sharp instruments or powerful machines making direct contact with your body.

Procedures which require great attention to detail, artistic flair, extensive schooling, proper licensure and/or expensive equipment are always going to come at a cost. By all means, take a look at all of your options and educate yourself on what the average cost is for the procedure you are seeking in your area. You will probably note that you can find a “bargain” for anything. You may even find yourself wondering how there can be such a ridiculously low cost option when the majority of the competitors in the market are charging so much more. That’s what I like to call a RED FLAG. As the old adage goes, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” And while we are spouting off old adages, why not include this little pearl of wisdom:

“You get what you pay for.”

I can’t tell you how many people walk through our doors with terrible, disfiguring permanent makeup gone wrong. Most of the time it can be fixed, but at a significant cost and over several months of painful or invasive corrective treatments. Even after extensive corrective work, the skin in the affected area will never be the same, leaving the client facing frequent touch-ups of the corrective work at their expense. What do these clients have in common? In most cases, they chose their technician because they offered the lowest price.

I rarely get complaints about my pricing, and in many cases have been told that the price is very reasonable considering what a good set of brows can do for someone’s confidence- not to mention the glorious convenience of facing the world makeup-free every day. That said, I understand that for a consumer, it can be confusing to see a $180 Groupon for microblading floating around on the Internet. In the average large U.S. city, the cost for a good microblading procedure by a reputable artist (including a touch-up) will run you anywhere between $400 and $800. In other cities, the cost can be upwards of $1500. Artists base their prices on the time they devote to the procedure, the cost of their tools and pigments, and the investment they make in their education, licensure and insurance. If the cost is much lower than average, it usually means that one of those components is sorely lacking. That said, sometimes you can get lucky when a great artist runs a special or contest, or you can save by finding a new (well-trained!) artist looking to build their clientele.

How do you know if the artist you are researching is reputable? Do your research and make sure your artist can provide:

-plenty of close-up and clear before/after pictures

-pictures of HEALED results

-many positive reviews/testimonials

-proper licensure, training and insurance

Above all, follow your gut. It’s much smarter to save your pennies for the right artist than to risk a subpar or even disastrous result. This is your FACE, and it’s the only one you’ve got! Choose wisely and enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with an informed decision.

~Whitney Moon, L.M.E., I.C.T.

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