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Spotlight on Maura Viola: Artist, Expert, BrowGenius

Once upon a time, BrowGenius was a one-woman operation. As my business grew and I became booked for months in advance, I began to realize that I needed another artist to join my team. For two long years, I searched high and low for the perfect artist to join me at BrowGenius. I scoured job websites, put out ads, and posted in worldwide forums. I interviewed many candidates but couldn't seem to to find the right fit. Permanent makeup is an art with very little room for error, requiring a great deal of skill and raw talent to really stand out in the field. Simply put, this type of work demands excellence. I needed someone who I could trust to work on my own face (gasp!), and more importantly someone who I could confidently trust with my clients. I did not want an "employeee" who I needed to micro-manage. This person would need to be independent! Motivated! An expert! An impeccable communicator! A powerhouse of talent and skill! To put it bluntly, I was beginning to think this person did not exist.

And then one day in January of 2020, I happened upon the work of Maura Viola. Based in Houston at a dermatology practice, Maura was at the top of her game as an artist, aesthetician and educator. Photos of her work made my jaw drop, and her resume was quite impressive on its own. I felt a very strong impulse to reach out to her. It took some persistence, but she eventually responded! We hit it off instantly, and I asked her to come to DFW to meet me in person. We talked for hours and were shocked at how much we had in common. It turned out that she was hoping to relocate to Dallas soon. Coincidence? I think not! Long story short- I convinced her to join forces with me, and we are living happily ever after.

In the time since Maura joined the BrowGenius team, she has far exceeded my expectations. She's become both my business partner and a treasured friend. Maura is focused, gifted and a wealth of knowledge on all things beauty. Her clients have been delighted with their results and coming back for more.

Maura's specialties are:

Permanent Eyebrows (Microblading and Microshading)

Permanent Lip Color (Lip Blushing and Lip Contouring)

Permanent Eyeliner

Clinical Skin Care

Lash and Brow Tinting

Brow Shaping

Brow Lamination

For more information about Maura's background and photos of her work, please visit .

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