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Dermaplaning Facial

Deluxe- $160
Basic- $120

Dermaplaning is the controlled scraping of the epidermis to remove dead skin cells, as well as the fine "peach fuzz" hair on the face. This is an amazing treatment that provides instant results with NO downtime! Skin texture is immediately improved after one session, and you will love how your makeup glides on with ease. Dermaplaning also increases the efficacy of your at-home skin care products by allowing better penetration.

This is a wonderful service on its own, or even better as a part of your regular facial maintenance. Most clients have a treatment every 4-8 weeks. It will NOT change the texture of the hair on your face, and will not cause redness or irritation, even for sensitive skin.

Our most popular treatment is Deluxe Dermaplaning, which includes a full-service facial with extractions, steam and hot towel treatment, two targeted treatment masques, and a luxurious face, neck and shoulder massage. Another option is Basic Dermaplaning, which includes a treatment masque and moisturizer.

Custom Facial


Enjoy a luxury facial tailored to your individual skin care needs. All facials include a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, extractions, hot towel and steam treatments, and two targeted treatment masques. We use only the finest organic skin care products by Eminence Organics, which are appropriate for all skin types.

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