For two long years, I searched high and low for the perfect artist to join me at BrowGenius. I scoured job websites, put out ads, and posted in worldwide forums. I interviewed many candidates but couldn't seem to to find the right fit. Permanent makeup is an art with v...

Hello, BrowGenius followers! Check out our latest feature in Society Life Magazine- Beauty Experts Edition:

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Ever so often, we get the question, “Why is Microblading so expensive?”

There’s no quick and simple answer to that question, so I'd like to clarify what goes into a proper microblading procedure and why bargain-shopping for an artist is kind of a terrible idea. I love l...

Exciting news:

BrowGenius has been featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine's recent "Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas" collection!

When Voyage Dallas contacted me for an interview, it was such a moment of reflection for me. Founding BrowGenius has been a whirlwind; an intense...

This is a common question that is best answered with visual aides. The following photo series is a great example of the purpose of the perfecting session done 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment. Like many clients, this lovely lady wanted to be conservative for her...

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