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Hello, BrowGenius followers! Check out my latest feature in Society Life Magazine- Beauty Experts Edition:

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Ever so often, I get the question, “Why is Microblading so expensive?”

There’s no quick and simple answer to that question, so I figured I would write a blog to clarify what goes into a proper microblading procedure and why bargain-shopping for an artist is kind of a te...

Exciting news:

BrowGenius has been featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine's recent "Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas" collection!

When Voyage Dallas contacted me for an interview, it was such a moment of reflection for me. Founding BrowGenius has been a whirlwind; an intense...

This is a common question that is best answered with visual aides. The following photo series is a great example of the purpose of the perfecting session done 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment. Like many clients, this lovely lady wanted to be conservative for her...

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