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Erma Harrisonl.m.t.


Erma Harrison, L.M.T. is not your average licensed massage therapist! With almost a decade of experience in a variety of massage modalities, Erma is always deepening her knowledge and expanding her skills to bring the very best experience to her clients.

Erma became interested in massage therapy when her teenage daughter suffered with a pelvic injury that prevented her from doing what she loved most- competitive running. Doctors were of the belief that Erma's daughter would never run again, but Erma was determined to get to the root cause and knew her daughter could be healed. She put herself through massage therapy school and graduated at the top of her class, going on to facilitate the healing of her daughter's injury. Erma's daughter went on to receive a full ride track scholarship at Jarvis Christian University and never looked back! 

Erma is a skilled practitioner and a true believer in the healing power of massage therapy. She specializes in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage and also excels at Lymphatic Massage, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Cupping, Hot Stone Massage and stretching/strengthening conditioning for athletes ages 8 and up.  Each of her massages is tailored to the individual needs of her client. She has helped her clients heal from all manner of injuries, and is especially gratified when she can help alleviate her clients' need for opioids for pain relief.

We're so thrilled that Erma's skill and passion can bring healing and relaxation to our clients. She's truly the best at her craft and we are honored to have her on our team!

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