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Gabriela Coca, l.e., i.c.t.


Gabriela Coca, L.E., I.C.T. is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Intradermal Cosmetics Technician. From a young age, Gabriela had an interest in skin science, facial aesthetics and beauty. She's a lifelong learner, always seeking further knowledge and training in her areas of expertise. Specializing in corrective skincare services and permanent makeup procedures, and Gabriela takes pride in helping all of her clients feel their most confident and beautiful in their own skin.


Gabriela's in-depth knowledge of skin and makeup set her apart as an especially skilled artist. She enjoys creating custom brows and lips designed to complement each unique client, keeping in mind that no two faces are the same. Along with her talent and skill, Gabriela brings something special to every treatment. Her calming demeanor and ability to connect with each of her clients on a personal level make her a truly exceptional artist and esthetician.

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