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Kayli Frostl.e.


Kayli Frost, L.E. is a Master Lash Extensions Artist and Licensed Esthetician. With over a decade of experience in her field, she is truly a master of her craft. Kayli considers herself a lifelong learner, and prioritizes staying up to date on the newest techniques to hone her skills. She has a true talent for visualizing the best eyelash design to fit the unique features of each client, and the best approach for maximum skin health.

Kayli's positive attitude and talent for relationship building with her clientele has earned her a loyal following. She's passionate about making a difference for her clients by enhancing their existing beauty and improving the health of their skin. We are so lucky that Kayli joined BrowGenius as a resident artist and esthetician, and we're excited to share her skill and talent with our community.

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